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A Tasty Treat For Aviary and Wild Bird
Waxworms have been a favourite food source amongst bird keepers for many years. Their colour and soft skin makes them extremely appealing - Read More...
A Great Boost For Terranium Pets
Waxworms are soft-skinned making them easy to digest. They are sweet and sugary making them a very tasty and addictive  - Read More...
The Winning Ticket For Fishing
Waxworms are recognised as being the leading grub-bait in the world of fishing and are particularly favoured for trout fishing.  - Read More...
Waxworm Information
Waxworms (Galleria Mellonella) are the larvae of the greater Wax Moth - Read more
Meet our buddies new little brother, the mini-waxworm... Read more
Buy Online
Purchase our Waxworms online today... - Read more
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